Niurka Marcos responds to criticism for having attended a party amid the pandemic | The State

The Cuban star Niurka Marcos He came to his defense to respond to all the criticisms made to him through social networks where he had shared a series of videos where he was seen in a meeting with several people without respecting social distancing due to the contingency of the COVID-19.

Through live broadcasts on Instagram, the actress answered questions from her followers, and explained what happened at the meeting she attended with her son Kiko and Kimi, his girlfriend, for whom she was criticized.

“The other day we were Kimi, Kiko and me to a meeting. There was no one when we arrived. It was empty, but no one, I think there were five more people. And then, suddenly, we sat at the foot of the stage, with our backs turned, we didn’t see the people. We were like a front row table. The group began to play and we began to dance, but with our backs to the people and when we realized it, I was until morning … fully. ”

On the other hand, before the meeting for which she was criticized, the dancer had attended some cenotes in Yucatan, Mexico, to start the year.

On this trip she was accompanied by her family and some friends, including the Mexican diver Rommel pacheco and his girlfriend Lylo Fa, a fact that also caused controversy because they did not have social distancing due to the pandemic.


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