Gordon Ramsay fans threaten to ‘call the police’ over his ‘beef’ Wellington

Gordon Ramsay has been called out by unimpressed fans for his vegan ‘beef’ Wellington.

The 54-year-old TV chef has been sharing plant-based recipes on his Instagram to mark Veganuary – a challenge that involves avoiding using animal products for the entirety of January, reports Daily Star.

On the platform, Gordon promotes meat-free meals being sold at his restaurants.

As he announced that Bread St Kitchen has created a vegan version of beef Wellington, he also shared the recipe with fans so they can give it a try for themselves.

He wrote: “A vegan twist on our classic beef welly… try making @breadstkitchen’s delicious beet welly at home this #Veganuary.”

Gordon Ramsay's vegan Wellington
It had mixed reviews

While the introduction of a vegan dish excited a few of his fans, it riled many who thought there were better ways to cook vegetarian recipes than by just adding beets.

One person said: “What the actual f***?”

A second joked: “You’ve lost the chance to say Beet Wellington.”

Whilst a third person wrote: “No way. Very sad to see a wellington with beets. There are many other ways to cook vegetarian recipes.”

“Looks dry as f*** Gordon,” criticised a fourth.

Whereas others praised his inclusivity, as one said: “What a transformation. From Gordon hating vegan cook-off to him adding a vegan dish to his menu.”

“Lmao! I didn’t think I’d see a day where Ramsay would be posting vegan things on social media! I like this version of him!” agreed another.

A third said: “Love to try it out.”

Another excited customer wrote: “My favourite chef creates his most iconic dish and makes it vegan! This is gold.”

And: “Who are you and what have you done to chef Ramsay? I’m calling the police,” wrote a Twitter user.

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