COVID plunges us into a long haze

Our current war on COVID-19 is marked, as in all wars, by a lack of information about us, our adversary, our capabilities and our goals.

For the Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz, this state of mind, in the middle of a fight, would be like a fog of war: “The great uncertainty [liée au manque] information in times of war is of particular difficulty because all actions must to some extent be planned with a slight gray area which […] like the effect of fog or moonlight gives things exaggerated or unnatural dimensions. “

Our elected officials

Last March, the pandemic plunged our elected officials into the fog in two stages, three movements.

Our governments have started to act unnatural at a time when transparency and consistency are normally required. They are, in good conscience, ready to turn corners in the name of the pandemic.

For example, the lack of debate leads to mistakes like the infamous $ 1000 for travelers who have to quarantine. A loophole that could have been avoided had the bill not been approved in just five days.

It is even made almost impossible for the opposition, in both the National Assembly and the House of Commons, to ask questions about the measures put in place without being accused of being conspirators.

Return of the sun

Someday we’ll see the sun again and come out of this dormant state. Chances are it will happen when the vast majority of Canadians are vaccinated.

However, when we take a closer look at vaccination, our governments again seem to be in the dark.

But this fog is to their advantage, as the big losers are mostly the opposition parties at the moment.

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