Coalition of Undocumented Immigrant Families Calls on Biden to Stop Deportations | The State

Coalition of undocumented immigrant families calls on Biden to stop deportations

Vice President Biden promised deep immigration reform.

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A coalition of advocates for undocumented immigrants and their families called on the president-elect Joe biden help them in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and stop the persecution for their deportation.

“I am here today to personally ask Joe Biden to deliver on his campaign promises and to act immediately when he takes office next week to protect families like mine who have been persecuted and terrorized simply for daring to exist on this’ earth. of freedoms’ ”, expressed Jeanette Vizguerra, an undocumented activist who has been living in a sanctuary at Denver’s First Unitarian Society since 2015.

She joined a group that traveled to Wilmington, Delaware, to ask the Democrat for a meeting, even though she and other applicants were in danger of being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE).

“I hope that the people, and especially the president-elect, understand the seriousness of the suffering we face and that led me to take risks today.”Vizguerra explained.

Among the organizers of the Familia coalition are the Trans Queer Liberation Movement, Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, Never Again Action, RAICES, Immigrant Justice Network, among others.

They demanded a moratorium on all deportations, as well as administrative relief for all undocumented, a group targeted by President Donald Trump, they charged.

“From your first week in office to your last, Donald trump it has mercilessly attacked immigrants, systematically undermined our rights and unleashed a torrent of abuses against us, ”he said. Nancy meza of RAICES.

The group was supported by religious groups leading the same fight and provided hospitality at Grace United Methodist Church.

“Our scriptures remind us that we should treat the stranger among us as one of our own,” said the Reverend Edwin Estevez, Grace’s senior pastor.

The president-elect Biden has promised that one of his priorities will be immigration reform, which would include a citizenship plan for the undocumented, in addition to redirecting ICE’s actions, to focus on the arrest of immigrants with criminal records.


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