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Chiquis Rivera indignantly explodes against Mr. Tempo: “I can’t deal with lying people” | The State

Chiquis Rivera is very angry. All because Mr. Tempo, In an interview with the program Suelta La Sopa, he assured that he continues to work with her and together they are collaborating for the launch of his tequila that, according to him, will be named“The Queen of the South”. Faced with these assertions, the singer could not remain silent and exploded against him, thus denying his statements, and exposing him as a liar.

“I can’t handle lying people”Chiquis Rivera said on Twitter. “There is nothing else that I don’t like,” added Lorenzo Méndez’s former partner. Chiquis was very clear in her statements and emphatically concluded by stating: “Exclusively to my Twitter friends: I have no plans to make tequila with anyone right now.”

Chiquis’s statements are giving a lot to talk about, because as much as she seems to want to get away from the scandals, they always reach her. Some show programs like Suelta La Sopa Now they also speculate about the supposed romance that took place between them and even question whether or not the businessman could have used Jenni Rivera’s daughter, just to advertise himself.

And he also talks about all this in Wake up America.


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