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Will Trump face trial in the Senate after leaving the presidency?

President Trump could not face impeachment after his term ends.

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Democrats may be able to pass a second impeachment trial against the president Donald trump, but there may not be enough time for the Senate to proceed.

The deadline for the president to face the trial is January 20 at noon, the same day as the inauguration of the president-elect Joe biden.

The reason is that the Constitution establishes that a president must be charged and face impeachment during his term, indicates an explanation of The Washington Post.

So, the decision of the House of Representatives would be basically symbolic against the Republican president.

It should be remembered that the majority leader of the House, James clyburn (South Carolina), said that the sending to the Senate of the article that accuses of “inciting insurrection” it would occur after President-elect Biden’s first 100 days in office.

Once a president ends his term, the Constitution indicates that Congress loses the authority to judge him and eventually convict him.

The goal of the Democrats is to block President Trump from running again in 2024 for the Presidency of the United States, but even if he is indicted, they could not achieve it, he explained to CNN Ross Garber, a political investigation and impeachment attorney from Tulane Law School.

The only way the Senate could do this would be to impeach – which requires two-thirds of the votes – the president and then vote to suspend him to compete, but time is against it.


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