The L’Artisan residence struggling with a major outbreak

In Saint-Eustache, the Union of Professional Healthcare Professionals of the Laurentians – FIQ expresses its concern about an outbreak affecting the L’Artisan residence which has 41 active cases, out of a total of 200 residents, and unfortunately 4 deaths, for 1 month. .

In an interview with TVA Nouvelles on Wednesday, union president Julie Daignault said that many of these members were at their wit’s end.

“We are at a point of no return, of cracking, are we going to go through it and get there?” Asks Ms. Daignault, who believes that the overload of front-line staff is still present. .

“We have about sixty of our members who are away from work due to COVID, other employees are off work for other reasons, some have decided to leave the public health network for the privately, people are also retiring, but during this time, the demand for health care is not declining. ”

The CISSS des Laurentides confirms that the L’Artisan residence, located a stone’s throw from the Saint-Eustache Hospital, has been experiencing an outbreak since December 11.

“We would like to point out that our teams work tirelessly to ensure quality health care and comfort for residents. Moreover, various measures are in place to control the present outbreak, namely daily monitoring and the regular presence of the CISSS in the field, isolation of residents, confinement of units, monitoring of vital signs for all. residents, a medical presence several times a week and massive screening of residents and employees, ”explains Catherine F.-Lord of the CISSS des Laurentides.

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