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Cristian Castro's ex says the singer asked to defecate on her

Cristian castro.

Mezcalent / Mezcalent

If you thought you had heard it all about Cristian castro We have news for you: no, you will start reading and then see something unthinkable.

After the one that ‘El Gallito Feliz’ decided to confirm that his only and official girlfriend is called Maite, a veritable ‘Pandora’s box’ was opened, where dozens of women came out to ensure, not only that they had relations with him, but also revealed intimate details.

Javier Ceriani and Elisa beristain in ‘Gossip No Like’, they shared text messages and horny audios of Cristian with his other women.

But what most attracted attention was what a Spanish woman revealed, who assured that she met him when Cristian visited that country, and then she was with him in Los Angeles.

“The first night he was courteous, kind, but he kept farting. The second night everything got worse, he required me to clean his house, his toilet, cook for him and watch him poop. He even asked me to defecate on my body. He took my cell phone and forced me to give him the password to check my WhatsApp “says the message that Cristian’s supposed lover wrote to ‘Gossip No Like’.

But the story does not end there, because according to Javier Ceriani, to the wave of angry Cristian girlfriends, it is added that Maite (the official), has a boyfriend in Argentina, her native country, and that she could even be pregnant with him.

It’s all so incredible, you better see it for yourself:


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