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Drinking This Tea May Help You Burn Fat While You Sleep, New Study Finds

Oolong tea is very rich in antioxidants, low in calories and the best nighttime ally to eliminate abdominal fat.

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Any tool that we help lose weight is well received, especially today with a such wide offer of options that facilitate the way. Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects when losing weight is remove belly fat and it is precisely one of the more difficult to achieve, that is why today one of the main recommendations are the HIIT workouts and practice intermittent fasting. And not so surprisingly with regard to food recommendations, tea intake has positioned itself as a powerful element.

A new research published in the Nutrients magazine reveals that drink oolong tea It may be a key dietary addition for burn calories while we sleep. More specifically, researchers from the Tsukuba University in Japan, they found that drink only two cups of this variety of traditional chinese tea everyday, accelerates the fat burning processes in the body.

What are the benefits of oolong tea in burning fat?

Like all teas, oolong contains caffeine, it is well known that it is a substance that affects energy metabolism by increasing our heart rate. That is why, broadly speaking, tea is considered not only one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, but a superb slimming agent. In a particular way the studies endorse that drinking oolong tea can also increase fat breakdownregardless of the effects of caffeine. According to statements by lead study author, Professor Kumpei: “We wanted to examine the effects of oolong consumption versus caffeine on energy and fat metabolism among a group of healthy volunteers ”.

After study participants for two weeks, the researchers found that oolong tea, what is partially rusty and is not considered entirely as a green or black tea, since it shows the characteristics of both, and pure caffeine increased the fat degradation by 20% compared to those who they took a placebo.

One of the most impressive finds is that the positive effects of oolong tea in the body they remained active All night long. Interestingly, neither the group that drank oolong tea or pure caffeine during that two week period he experienced a increase in energy expenditure. This observation suggests that participants may have developed tolerance to stimulant effects of both treatments. Besides this, there was no noticeable changes in sleep patterns of any of the groups, not even in the time that they took time to fall asleep, despite the fact that both treatments included caffeine, a known sleep disruptor.

Remember that the lack of sleep or poor quality restare considered factors that can significantly affect weight loss and they also usually alter energy metabolism, which can cause a weight gain over time. However, the oolong did not appear to have no negative effect on sleep of the participants.

So the million dollar question Should we drink a cup of oolong tea every night? The teacher points out that although the effects of oolong tea on fat breakdown During the dream, position it as a good ally to control body weight, it is unclear whether these effects will actually lead to Loss of fat during a extended period of time. However finally it will never be bad or counterproductive to drink tea, and what better if the variant helps us burn fat and lose weight.


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