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Daughters of Angélica Rivera reappear in networks and impact with their beauty

Angelica Rivera.

Daniel Jayo / Getty Images

Angelica Rivera and his three daughters took advantage of their Christmas vacations in Aspen, Colorado, to be photographed in the beautiful landscapes that the snow gave them where they wasted their style with outfits according to the weather and that, on Instagram, their fans began to flatter the beauty they radiate.

This happened when they were surprised by one of the publications that Sofia Castro He posted on his account when he appeared very happy with his sisters, Fernanda and Regina, which remained as evidence of the great resemblance that exists between them, that they are absolutely beautiful and that their genes, without a doubt, were inherited from their mother.

“They make my life happier”, that’s how he gave more meaning to the winning snapshot of more than 60 thousand likes.

And with the best compliments from Sofia’s million fans: “How beautiful all three”, “Oh, what beautiful girls”, “They are the most beautiful girls”, “Pure beauty”, “What an incredible photo, beautiful all three “,” Beautiful, and all women.

Although each one has her own personality, they get along very well, and as in any relationship there are conflicts, but they always overcome them and show the public their best version, giving the impression that Besides sisters, they are best friends.

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