The sexy dress that Lele Pons wore exposed her underwear and her followers went crazy | The State

The spectacular Venezuelan Lele pons She left her followers drooling by not only dancing in a spectacular and very sexy way, but by wearing a transparent dress that exposed her underwear and explosive curves. Obviously, her golden hair gave a much more sensual touch to the matter.

The influencer recently confirmed her courtship with the also singer Guaynaa, who has let it be known that the love he feels Lele It is reciprocated by him and both have positioned themselves, in a matter of weeks, as one of the funniest and most beautiful couples on social networks.

However, not everything is happiness and laughter. Both artists live in different countries and are extremely hard-working, so the Christmas dream vacation came to an end and the influencer returned from Puerto Rico to meet commitments. For its part, Guaynaa He hopes to resume his European tour, but surely now is that there is time to enjoy this pair of lovebirds because this love story is just beginning.

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