The government promises to vaccinate the entire adult population of Britain by autumn

Now more than 200 thousand people are vaccinated in the country every day

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock has pledged that every British adult will receive a coronavirus vaccine by fall 2021. In his interview to the Sky News TV channel, he said that now more than 200 thousand people are vaccinated in the country every day. The government’s goal is to reach the target of two million vaccinations weekly.

“We have ordered 350 million doses of vaccines; some of them have not yet been brought to the UK. We will start distributing drugs as soon as they are delivered. “– Hancock told BBC TV presenter Andrew Marr.

The minister supported the tightening of coronavirus restrictions and defended the police officers who fined two women in early January – they drove 8 km from their home to take a walk in the fresh air outside the city. “Any violation can be fatal”Hancock said. Earlier, the police officers were supported by British Home Secretary Prity Patel.

According to England’s chief physician Chris Whitty, the NHS is going through the most difficult time in its history and is loaded to the limit. However, University of Bristol professor Adam Finn, who is on the Committee on Vaccines and Immunization (JCVI), assured that the vaccine has already helped thousands of people, reducing the risk of infection and subsequent hospitalization.

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