Rashel Díaz makes an impact with a white miniskirt and sexy movements from a mirror | The State

The former host of A new day, Rashel DiazYou don’t need a TV screen to keep captivating all your fans. Not only has she dedicated herself to other projects, some next to her husband, Carlos Garcia, but a lot of them are through their social networks which, like Carolina sandoval, have seen impressive growth since leaving Telemundo.

This time, the spectacular Cuban left many drooling by showing off a super short white miniskirt in front of the mirror while she walked sexy towards it and danced. Despite Rashel She is an exaggeratedly beautiful woman, few are the times that she is seen showing off her beauty.

Definitely, the cheerleader knows very well how to take care of herself and look radiant at 47 years old. She has always stated that she eats healthy, but she is also very methodical and has a lot of consistency with physical training. Without a doubt, an exemplary woman.

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