Poll: barometer of the major resolutions of Quebecers in 2021

Every week, The newspaper, in collaboration with the firm Léger, unveils a probe on a variety of subjects that affect you from near or far. Our barometer thus measures what makes you vibrate or frown as a Quebecker, young and old, francophone, anglophone or allophone, in Montreal or in the region.

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What are your main resolutions for the year 2021?

1. Be or stay healthy: 35%

2. Be more active / exercise more: 26%

3. Lose weight: 22%

4. Eat better: 17%

5. Save more / pay off my debts: 16%

6. Take more time for me: 11%

7. Improve my psychological health: 10%

8. To learn new things : 10%

9. To travel : 10%

10. Be more positive: 10%

11. Spend less time on my screens: 9%

12. Read more books: 8%

13. Spend more time with my friends and family: 8%

14. Less procrastinate: 7%

15. Sleep more / rest more: 7%

16. Consume less : 6%

17. Pollute less / Reduce my ecological footprint: 6%

18. Have new hobbies: 6%

19. Finding a better work-life balance: 5%

20. Get a new job / get a promotion: 5%

21. Be more organized: 4%

22. Stop or reduce my consumption of cigarettes: 4%

23. Stop or reduce my alcohol consumption: 4%

24. Cook more: 3%

25. Give more (charity, volunteering, etc.): 3%


The survey was carried out in two stages. An open question was asked to the LEO (Leger Opinion) panelists so that they could submit their resolutions for the year 2021. Then, a scientific survey was carried out among a thousand representative Quebecers from December 11 to 13, 2020 on the basis of the most mentioned resolutions. Each respondent could choose up to three resolutions. Only the 25 most popular resolutions are presented in this barometer.

  • Philippe Leger, The Journal of Montreal

The finding

In the midst of a pandemic, the personal health of Quebecers occupies six of the first seven resolutions of the year. Staying healthy, being more active, losing weight, eating better, taking more time for yourself, and improving your psychological health are all linked. 2020 has been a trying year, and Quebeckers want 2021 to be a year of peace, health and well-being.

The surprise

Improving their psychological health is the first resolution of 18-24 year olds. We forget it, but it is the young people of my generation who were the first affected by the confinement. The 25-34 year-olds, for their part, put savings and debt at the top of their minds, while the 35-44 year-olds promise to lose weight.


Resolutions are normally wishes we wish for ourselves, rarely for our community. Still, it is disappointing that consuming less (16e) and reduce its ecological footprint (17e) are so far down the barometer, when we know that the next human, natural and pandemic disasters are linked to climate change.

Healthy !

  • Claude Villeneuve, The Journal of Quebec

This wish, which is expressed automatically at the start of the year, seems particularly keenly felt in the second half of this pandemic marathon. Good health is what Quebeckers promise for 2021.

The most popular resolution of the Leger barometer appears to be in the second, third and fourth ranks. To stay healthy, you need to be active, watch your weight, eat well.

Wishes that are put to the test in a confinement that puts us at risk of an enhanced sedentary lifestyle – if that were possible – and where even dietitians have recommended that we indulge ourselves a little at the table to avoid depression.


The less gyms and team sports to help us stay in shape, some temptations are less strong. The stretching 5 to 7 invitations are on hold until further notice and the internal debate over whether to take the dessert included in the table d’hôte is rare.

Ambushed are the screens, the ones that allowed us to stay in touch with our friends and families, too.

Computers, tablets and even TV are not ready to leave our lives and it is for the best, especially when the time comes to disseminate public health instructions.

We should be wary, however, when disturbing readings about COVID take up all our time during the day or keep us awake at night, because we would like to read more and sleep better too!

Take care of us

Our resolutions are colored by the pandemic. If the latter was the pretext for 2020 to give up the gym membership, it invites us to take better care of ourselves for 2021.

As to whether it will work, I will inform you in early February of the results of my month without alcohol …

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