Judge opens the door for certain undocumented immigrants to get the “green card” | The State

Judge Timothy Cole, from Miami, made a decision in favor of undocumented Cuban immigrants, who asked to apply for the Permanent residence after being released “on parole” from an immigration detention center.

Immigration lawyers indicate that the decision, for now applicable to the plaintiffs in Florida, offers a path for the regularization of undocumented persons who, after being apprehended by elements of the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP), they were released with a “parole”, which is a provisional document, known as “parole”.

This, according to an Efe report, applies to all immigrants who face the threat of deportation proceedings, but were released and managed to enter the United States again without having to pay a bond.

The report adds that the application at the national level depends on the decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA, for its acronym in English).

The lawyer Claudia Cañizares told the news agency that immigrants in this condition and their lawyers should not wait and begin the process of permanent residence or “green card”, if they comply with the other eligibility requirements, such as being married to US citizens.

Another immigration lawyer, Mario Cano, told the agency that the ruling applies to any other immigrant.

“It is valid for people of other nationalities in the same situation”, I consider.

With information from EFE


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