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We all want lose weight as quickly and effectively as possible, that is why we resort to all kinds of recommendations, trends and subsistence allowance. While following a Lifestyle and healthy nutrition is key, on many occasions we overlook the simplest. Such is the case of the simple fact of: drinking water.

It is true that drink more water may not look like a helpful way to lose weight, however it is important to know that there is very relevant scientific evidence which suggests that it can make a big difference. In such a way that drink enough water is an important part of everything nutritional regimen focused on losing weight: provides satiety and stimulates metabolism. Among the references that attract the most attention is, a review that was done in 2013 to diverse studies about people who dieted to lose or maintain weight. The scientists observed that increased water consumption helped participants to lose weight. Based on this, we undertook the task of compiling the 5 main reasons by which drinking water can be the best ally for blose weight and gain health.

1. Drinking water brings satiety

One of the best recommendations for eat less and control cravings when we are in a nutritional regimen, is drink a glass of water before each main meal. According, orn small study of 2018 found that when participants they drank water before eating, they ate less than they normally would. The researchers suggested that the simple habit of drink water before every meal It can be a effective method to control body weight. At the same time they associate these benefits with a simple reason, the water passes through the body quickly and helps to fill the stomach to a certain extent and this tells the brain what is full and what you don’t need to eat too much. Another point that attracts the most attention is that, often when we are slightly dehydrated, the brain often mistakes it for hunger. Therefore a great recommendation It is before any attack of hunger, first drink a large glass of fresh water, even if you do not believe it drink water can curb cravings of food and beverages with starch, salty, sugary, smoked, liqueurs and soft drinks, which are harmful to health and cause weight gain.

2. Drinking water helps burn body fat

Natural way the body burns fat and turns it into energy, through a process called lipolysis in which of course, water is essential; to make it even clearer the lipolysis is the body’s way of break down fat. The first step in this process it’s called hydrolysis, which is a process in which the body add water to fat to help break it down. According a research work of the year 2016, increasing water intake causes a increased lipolysis and therefore speeds up metabolism. Thus drink enough water is key to forget about those “Llantitas” and “Bulging belly”.

3. Drinking water speeds up metabolism

There are various studies and research that endorse the benefits of drink cold water for speed up metabolism and it is true. By drinking cold water the body works a little more to try to warm up, which results in a higher calorie burn and this mechanism is popularly known as thermogenesis. In fact it has A study that supports it, in which the scientists observed the effects of drinking 500 ml of water 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner in 50 overweight girls for eight weeks. The results were surprising as they noticed that the participants lost weight and reduced BMI without making any other changes to your lifestyle or diet.

4. Drinking water promotes waste elimination

It is well known that without the water, the body cannot optimally perform the waste disposal process. In such a way that not drinking enough water may be one of the main causes of overweight, therefore it is very likely that constipation and the waste is not evacuated as often as it should be. When the wastes, fats, salts, liquids and toxins, are stored in the body, are derived in increased swelling, little lightness and weight gain. Therefore drinking water is key to fight constipation and inflammation, thus benefits weight loss.

5. Drinking water helps you consume fewer calories

One of the worst habits of today’s society is a high consumption of sugary drinks, as is the case with The drinks that are distinguished by their zero nutritional contribution and high caloric value. Additionally this type of processed drinks that come in the form of juices, teas and coffees, are the enemy of good health and of course the body weight. The best thing you can do to lose weight effectively and safely, is to replace this type of drink with water Contains zero calories and countless benefits! It has A study carried out in 2015, in which scientists studied the effect of obese women with the simple fact of replace diet drinks with natural water. After 24 weeks, women who only drank water experienced a greater weight loss and they felt lighter and motivated.


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