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The vaccine against the coronavirus has already started apply, and it is expected that soon approve others that are in Test phase. However, there are rumors that can generate fear and distress Between people.

One of these rumors is that if we get vaccinated we are actually contracting the virus. Therefore, it is necessary know how the vaccine works and why it is necessary that we put it on.

Can the vaccine make us sick with Covid?

The answer is no. As the CDC explains, the different vaccines that have been approved, as well as the others that are in test phases, do not contain the live virus that causes the coronavirus.

This means that no vaccine for the Covid-19 can we get sick with said virus. He objective of vaccines is teach, so to speak, to immune system to recognize and fight the virus that causes Covid-19.

It is true that vaccines can produce some symptoms, like fever. But these symptoms They are normal because they are one signal that the body is creating its own virus protection.

On the other hand, after being vaccinated, the body may take several weeks in developing the immunity necessary against the virus.

So it is possible that someone who is infected with the virus and get the vaccine, you get sick, because the organism has not had weather to create immunization.

Covid vaccine
Many people comment that the Covid-19 vaccine alters DNA, which is not true. Source: Pixabay

Should you get vaccinated after having Covid?

Yes. Despite having had Covid, it is possible that re-infect. That is why it is important to get vaccinated. Of course, first you have to wait what the authorities determine who should be the first to receive the vaccine.

Another reason is that there is no security that people who have had the virus do not get sick again. Immunity natural that it can generate could actually last little bit. Therefore, by not having More data in this regard, the vaccine is necessary.

Does the vaccine alter DNA?

The truth is that no. The vaccinations of MRNA by Covid-19 they don’t interact with DNA or they change. This type of vaccine, known as messenger RNA vaccines, have been the first authorized in United States.

They teach the cells of the body how to produce protein that triggers the immune response. It should be noted that the mRNA will not enter never to the core of cells, where the DNA is found.

Therefore, there is no possibility that it will alter the DNA. Rather, these vaccines do they work along with the natural defenses of the body to create the necessary immunity from safe way.

There is no doubt that scientists who have been in charge of creating the various vaccines have done so trying to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness, following all the protocols of security.

Therefore, if they exist Doubts on effectiveness of a vaccine, it is best to ask the health experts on its operation, and not on people who seek to create anxiety and fear.

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