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Did the usual return? Leo Messi started 2021 as in his best years

Social media users joked that Lionel Messi is the happiest about the resignation.

JOSEP LAGO / AFP / Getty Images

ANDl disagreement between Leo Messi and FC Barcelona that occurred in August and that ended with the Argentinian’s permanence notably against his wishes generated an environment of mistrust regarding the performance of the Argentine who He had a very weak start to the season for what we were used to.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, including the best player in the world, but it seems that living up to the saying “New Year New Life” Leo started 2021 with a hunger for triumph and a new illusion on the pitchI have records that are only comparable to their best seasons. The double against Granada came on January 10 to add 4 so many this year; Only in 2016 had he scored more goals on that date: five.

But beyond statistics, the important thing for the Barcelona fans is the totally new gesture of happiness that the Argentine now looks, thanks in part to the improvement of the team in recent times, to his incredible partnership with Pedri and of course, because his contract is about to end and whatever his future, he will want to increase his value in these remaining 6 months .

To begin with, with his 4 goals, Messi has already positioned himself as the top scorer in La Liga. Yes, even in his worst season the Argentine is superior to all others.


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