Twitter Announced Permanently Suspended Donald Trump and POTUS Accounts | The State

It is not usual for presidents’ accounts to be suspended on social networks.

8:50 pm ET, 5:50 pm PT: A few hours after the Twitter announcement that he had permanently suspended Donald Trump’s account @realDonaldTrump, the outgoing president apparently tried to post his comments on the official account of the president of the United States @POTUS, and again, apparently, they prevented it from Twitter, although the social network has not commented on this.

Makena Kelly, a journalist for The Verge, posted on Twitter: “NEW: Twitter tells me that if Trump tries to circumvent this ban using @POTUS, the platform would remove these new posts. If Trump creates a new account, that account would face permanent suspension “on first detection,” according to Twitter rules. “

Apparently, Trump’s post on @POTUS was deleted without further comment from Twitter, but many users took screenshots before it disappeared.

Screenshot of the post deleted by Twitter on Trump’s @POTUS account. / Photo: Impremedia

Twitter reported Friday that it had permanently suspended President Trump from his service “due to the risk of further incitement to violence,” effectively cutting him off from his favorite megaphone to communicate with Americans and the world.

“We have determined that these tweets violate the Glorification of Violence Policy and the user @realDonaldTrump must be permanently and immediately suspended from service, “said Twitter in a blog post.

Twitter earlier had warned: “In the context of this week’s horrific events, we made clear Wednesday that additional violations of the Twitter Rules could result in this same course of action.”

The suspension announced by Twitter occurs one day after a Trump’s Twitter account was suspended for 12 hours, after the assault on the Capitol carried out on Wednesday by his followers, which caused the interruption of the session of Congress that ratified the result of the elections issued by the Electoral Colleges, in favor of Joe biden.

Facebook it also suspended Donald Trump’s account for the remainder of his term, and several other digital platforms limited Trump from their services.


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