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Maribel Guardia.

VALERIE MACON / AFP / Getty Images

Another of the queens of eternal youth is undoubtedly Lourdes Munguía, who has always enjoyed having an excellent physical appearance, for which she has been the recipient of compliments and compliments as recently happened in her last post on Instagram.

And it is that he caused a great sensation in social networks after posing in a sensual red two-piece swimsuit regardless of “what they will say”, showing more than necessary and making his followers fall in love, even raising envy of many.

Like the Maribel guard, who is only one year older than her, and among the comments that were left under her photograph was that of the singer who stood out from all.

“Doll,” she wrote to her friend Lourdes, who, like her, has turned her social network into the most sensual photo catalog on all of Instagram.

The truth is that Munguía and Guardia do not stop to show that there is no age to look good and feel beautiful that, without a doubt, both are worthy of sculptural bodies and are always at their best.

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