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From the vaccine approval the Pfizer laboratory and the arrival of other vaccines, the process of vaccination started from December 2020. This has represented an achievement and a great advance, one more step for fight the Covid-19.

Now, according to NYC Health, the vaccine will be available for all the inhabitants of the New York City without no cost. But what are the places that will supply it, when does the general process begin, and what will the vaccination process be like?

Essential personnel and vulnerable people

In its first stage, the vaccine will be received on health and medical personnel who are most exposed to the virus. That is, all essential workers. Similarly, workers in residences for older people, such as nurses and caregivers, they are also receiving it.

Likewise, people who are considered as vulnerable population to the covid-19, like the old people and those that reside in nursing homes, are also being immunized.

This process can Take time. On the other hand, keep in mind that there is still no enough vaccines for the entire population, that is why priority people are taken into account. It is expected that for next months more vaccines are available.

The order of vaccination depends on the urgency and priority in the population. Source: Pixabay

In fact, the vaccine will be supplied by stages. Thus, in the next stage, those vaccinated will be those whose jobs or activities don’t let them keep their distance and they have to to interact with the audience; and then the people who are sensitive to suffer from coronavirus for some medical condition.

It should be noted that it has not checked the efficacy of the vaccine in under 16 years old, so, until they have concrete data, they cannot be vaccinated.

Where to get the vaccine

Vaccines are will supply in the places of higher priority, that is, in health centers and homes for the elderly.

For the general population, the vaccine can be received in community clinics, pharmacies and care centers urgent. It is important to be attentive to information that supply the authorities on this point.

The intention is wait for there to be more vaccines available and vaccination centers enabled to prevent agglomerations. We must remember that health is important even in these cases.

What to do after receiving the vaccine

You might think that after receiving the vaccine, it will be possible to return to a normal routine. But this is not so. After being vaccinated, people should follow the protocols of security.

Thus, it is important to continue using the mask, wash hands frequently, maintain distance and avoid the physical contact.

It is important to follow the instructions and be attentive to them in order to combat the pandemic. It is true that vaccines are a ray of hope, but that’s not why you have to guard down.

While more vaccines are approved, there is more opportunities to receive immunization. On the other hand, it is necessary to look for information in authorized sources and avoid the news that can generate bewilderment and confusion in the population.

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