Curfew: solemn message from the Prime Minister to Quebecers

Prime Minister François Legault spoke to Quebecers on Saturday morning in a long message posted on his Facebook page, hours before the first curfew in the province’s history was put in place.

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It was around 7 am that Mr. Legault made his address to his fellow citizens, in which he recalled the importance of this strong measure, but necessary in order to “prevent gatherings, even the smallest”, writes- he.

He implored the population to make a last ditch effort in this battle against the spread of COVID-19, which he compares to a long marathon, where the last kilometers are the most difficult.

“All the little sprains of the rules that feed the virus. Anyone can catch it and pass it on to a loved one. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, you can transmit the virus, ”he insisted.

Here is the full message

“I am speaking to the entire Quebec nation.

I need each and every one of you.

The curfew comes into effect today.

It was a difficult decision I made to stop the spread of the virus.

The main reason for a curfew is to prevent gatherings, even the smallest.

It is the addition of all the small sprains of the period that feeds the virus.

Anyone can catch it and pass it on to a loved one.

Even if you don’t have any symptoms, you can pass the virus on.

As Prime Minister, my first duty is to protect Quebeckers.

I consider the situation critical and in need of a shock treatment.

Our hospitals are filling up with COVID-19 patients.

Hundreds of people are in intensive care, fighting for their lives.

Dozens of people die from it every day.

We are forced to delay treatment for other serious illnesses, such as cancer.

The more people who are sick with COVID-19, the more tests, treatments and major operations are postponed.

We are approaching a tipping point where we can only treat the most urgent cases.

It can affect everyone, our loved ones and ourselves.

At the moment, we are vaccinating more and more people every day.

We will first protect our most vulnerable people and our healthcare workers.

But it will take several more weeks for all those who wish to be vaccinated.

We don’t have this time to curb the contagion.

This is when our hospitals are overflowing.

Now is the time to stop the spread of the virus.

We all need each other.

We need a collective effort, from everyone, for a month.

In particular, we need to protect people aged 65 and over who are more vulnerable.

Our battle is over and as in a long marathon, it is the last kilometers that are the hardest.

I implore you to make this last effort.

Your Prime Minister ”

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