Canada is not immune to democratic abuses, says Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged on Friday that Canadian democracy is not immune to violent events such as the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill this week.

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“We know, while we have observed with great concern what has happened in recent days in the United States, that we are not immune to this in Canada,” he said in a press briefing on Friday. .

From the start of his speech in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage, the Prime Minister pointed the finger at the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, for having incited the rioters to “act with so much violence”.

He insisted on the importance for politicians to choose their words carefully to avoid such abuses.

“Democracy in Canada is no accident, and it will not continue without effort. […] We must all work together to protect democracy from those who promote lies and create space for hatred and extremism, ”he added.

It should be remembered that extreme right-wing groups that participated in the sacking of the Capitol, such as the Proud Boys and the III%, have ramifications in Canada.

The New Democratic Party called on the Trudeau government on Thursday to add the Proud Boys to the list of organizations known to be terrorist.

Asked about the matter on Friday, Trudeau simply said that such a decision was up to Canadian intelligence and security agencies.

In June 2019, a first far-right group, the neo-Nazi group Blood & Honor, was put on the notorious blacklist. This organization’s armed division, Combat 18, is also listed.

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