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Treasury Department sends 8 million stimulus checks using prepaid cards

Delivering cards makes it easier for more people to receive the second stimulus check.


Starting this week, the Treasury Department and the IRS will be sending approximately 8 million second stimulus checks via prepaid debit card (EIP).

These EIP cards will be delivered after the millions of payments already made by direct deposit and after the sending of paper stimulus checks that are still being sent.

It is important that those who do not receive direct deposit, be aware of your mail, because there you will receive a paper check or a prepaid debit card.

The Treasury Department’s Office of Fiscal Service sends payments by prepaid debit card in order to speed up the delivery of money and get as many people as possible their second stimulus check as soon as possible.

You should bear in mind that the form of payment of the second stimulus check sent by mail may be different from the first, since some people who received a paper check the first time might receive a prepaid debit card this time, and some people who received a prepaid debit card with the first check could now receive a paper one.

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