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Poncho de Nigris reacts furious after being accused of "murderer" in networks | The State

A 29-year-old carpenter who worked in the home of Alfonso de Nigris He became infected at the same time that he and his family announced that they had coronavirus and who sadly lost his life, for which netizens immediately blamed him.

“Rest in peace your worker”, “KILLER”, “A little if your worker died?

But he did not sit idly by and already spoke about it in an opinion program about the world of entertainment: “We found out that he passed away yesterday and I was in communication with the family. We were talking, I was 29 years old and I’m very sorry, what I don’t understand is that now they say that we infected it because he came to work at the house, at the apartment “.

In addition, Poncho assured that the young man had the symptoms of the virus before he had it, and that, although both were infected on similar dates, he acquired it while working and not in a social event.

“We are talking about a defamation in a direct way by saying that we are murderers because we infect it. We are in a pandemic, we do not know who infects whom, “continued De Nigris.

And he ended by stating that his employee’s family is aware that the virus could have caught him anywhere and they told him: “Thank you very much, Poncho, don’t worry, people already know how malicious it is, nobody knows where you and Arturo got that virus. We can’t blame anyone, thank you very much ”.


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