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Marion Ramsey, Sergeant Hooks of ‘Police Academy’, Dies | The State

Marion Ramsey, Sergeant Hooks of ‘Police Academy’, died

Brian Tochi, Marion Ramsey, and Kathryn Graf.

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At 73 he died Marion ramsey, prominent Broadway musical and film actress who gained popularity as the great female character in the ‘Police Academy’ film series.

She was one of the most prominent presences in the original film of that series, released in 1984. There she played Sergeant Laverne Hooks, whose main characteristic was a soft and delicate voice that immediately contrasted with the stridency and well-marked exaggerations of that one. satire on crime stories.

The character’s success paralleled that of the film and its continuity became indispensable in the expected sequels that the tapes had until 1994. Ramsey was Hooks again in ‘Police Academy 2’: his first mission (1985), ‘Police Academy 3’ (1986), ‘Police Academy 4’: citizens defend themselves (1987), ‘Police Academy 5’: Operation Miami Beach (1988) and ‘Police Academy 6’: city under siege (1989).

She was born in Philadelphia on May 10, 1947 and her identity as an actress and singer was fully forged in Broadway musicals, from her first steps in a Hello, Dolly! Performance. until the consecration in Eubie !, an applauded tribute to the legendary jazz pianist Eubie Blake, personified by Gregory Hines.

After the success of ‘Police Avcademy’, Ramsey continued to alternate his career between musicals that allowed him to shine as a singer and some minor appearances in the cinema, always close to comedy. His outstanding voice, which he handled with great skill, allowed him to shine in animated productions, including the cartoon series “The Addams Family” made in the 1990s.


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