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Jeffree Star responds to rumors of having an affair with Kanye West | The State

Jeffree Star responds to rumors of having an affair with Kanye West

Jeffree Star.

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Perhaps many had not heard the name of Jeffree star, but until now that has undoubtedly sounded very loud for supposedly being one of the reasons why Kim kardashian and Kanye west They are in the process of divorce after seven years of marriage, as he was accused of being the third in contention.

One of the ‘proofs’ that a tiktoker revealed that would prove an infidelity between Jeffree and Kanye was that they both live on very close ranches in Wyoming. But it was already the same makeup artist who came out to speak and on his YouTube channel made it clear what his ‘sentimental’ situation with the rapper is and revealed how he found out about this news.


i can’t say WHO cuz he’ll sue me hint hint but it’s part of the reason Kanye’s so religious now it’s his self hatred…. my source is legit I promiss

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“I woke up and my phone was exploding and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, what scandal is happening today?’ I honestly had no idea, right ?; I keep telling myself. I’m living in this beautiful state, I love life and I’m ready for 2021, ”Jeffree said at the beginning of the video.

Said clip entitled “Addressing Kanye’s situation”, stated that he does not have a romantic relationship with anyone and that the rumors of his romance with the rapper are one of the most absurd things he has read in his life.

“I’m single. I’m not sleeping with anyone. I like very tall men. Kanye and I never dated, and this is all really fun. Yes Kris jenner he orchestrated all this, happy New Year, darling, “he said and echoed the alleged culprit of the defamation.

So far the recording of a little more than 20 minutes already has more than 5 million views and although it has been the makeup guru himself who has taken the situation with good humor, he did not hesitate to go out and give his version.


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