Anastasiya Kvitko shows off her voluptuous back curves and profile with a tight dress | The State

Many celebrities decided to start the year by sending messages of good wishes to their followers through their social networks. Anastasiya kavitko was no exception and others took the opportunity to show his charms a little

In a couple of images she shared on Instagram, the so-called Russian Kim Kardashian showed off her voluptuous curves posing from the back and in profile in a tight dress that drew attention for the sexy neckline at the back and on the sides of the garment.

“Happy new year everyone! ❤️🎄🎁💫🍾wishing you everything the best!” Was the epigraph that the model included in the photos that her fans thanked with more than 200 thousand ‘likes’.

(Swipe to see the photos)

In a previous post, Anastasiya appeared in a white T-shirt whose strap slid up her arm, showing that she was not wearing a bra.


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