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In the last months everyone talks about the ketogenic diet, It’s about a eating plan low carb and rich in fat, which has been positioned as a good method for lose weight quickly and has even been associated with great health benefits. While it is true that there is various scientific references that endorse the advantages of follow the keto diet, for some specialists it is a highly restrictive plan and difficult to do in the long term.

However, specifically in recent days the ketogenic diet has given much to talk about. And it is that as a result of recent summary published by US News & World Report , has caused quite a bit of controversy since it was classified among the panel experts as one of the worst diets of 2021. To be clearer the keto diet was named worst of 39 diets for one healthy nutrition and even in his less restrictive version which is known as the modified ketogenic diet, received one of the worst grades staying in the 35th place on the overall list. It is worth mentioning that this was the first year in which US News, included this keto diet version in the ranking.

Taking into account that it is one of the most popular diets todaya, it is worth analyzing in more detail. First thing’s first: followers of the ketogenic diet undergo a food restriction that leads them to consumeabout the 70% of daily calories from fat and almost no carbohydrates. This restrictive feeding scheme makes the body enters a metabolic state called “Ketosis”, in which the organism burn fat for get power Instead of using glucose. As expected advocates of this type of eating patterns, argue that the rating given by US News that for a long time has avoided integrating to the ketogenic diet, is too reductive. At the same time, they emphasize that there is a lot of evidencedemonstrating the benefits many people have experienced from following a ketogenic plan for years; including weight loss and higher energy levels.

Gary Taubes, author of “The Case For Keto” is one of the most faithful defenders of this trend and personally speaks of the magnificent results you have experienced. After years of unsuccessful diets, the ketogenic diet did lose body weight that in years had not achieved. At the same time, Taubes emphasizes that there are studies that cannot be ignored; sIt is only in the last year that various investigations have come to light that have proven to be promising for the keto diet.

Such is the case of an analysis made in November 2020 and published by Nutrition & Diabetes, Which found that the ketogenic diet might help people with diabetes to control the blood sugar, losing weight and improve insulin sensitivity. It also has two reports of cases of the recent 2020, in which it was verified that the keto diet can help improve count and the quality of sperm. Other reference of a woman with diabetes, showed that the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting They were two meal plans of great help in controlling his diabetes, although not to lose weight. The truth is that it is a fact that many recognized critics consider the keto diet it is unsustainable for numerous reasons, however we cannot ignore that for many men it sounds a wonderful idea feed on steak, eggs and bacon, At least in the beginning.

Within the main arguments that worry the nutrition and medicine specialists about the ketogenic diet, they find that long-term data is lacking. While the diet is not new, has been used for decades in clinical settings, mainly to treat seizures that are difficult to control and later in recent years it emerged as a proposal for lose weight much faster and more effectively.

When the government published its latest edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans at the end of December 2020, the group of participating scientists concluded that they didn’t have enough research to make a recommendation about it. Somehow said statements, make it clear that the bad grade who receives the keto diet, is more related to lack long-term evidence. At this point we have very little evidence, which endorses the benefits of following a high fat diet for reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote longevity.

Why don’t the experts approve of it?

Professionals find the ketogenic diet as a plan nutritionally incomplete and that can be derived in various risks for long-term health. Considering that today the trend more powerful of health and nutrition, invites us to live a Lifestyle and more balanced diet, it is a fact that the ketogenic diet is anything less balanced. And the main reason is simple, removes carbohydrates from whole grains rich in nutrients like the fiber.

Also for the experts who are part of the team of US News, particularly draws attention to the high in saturated fat of the diet and is in fact considered the main concern. They emphasize that it is a diet “Extremely incomplete” In the nutrition category, in a way promoting the consumption of bacon as a snack cannot be taken seriously as a way of eating that promote health and the equilibrium.

On the other hand the ketogenic diet, it can also be unsafe particularly for people with severe diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease. A small study February 2020, also related to the ketogenic tendency with bones more prone to injuries in athletes and people who perform physical activity on a recurring basis. At the same time, nutritionists recognize that this type of diet can be potentially dangerous for people at risk of Eating Disorders, since restrictive diets can activate anxiety, are the cause of the binges and Eat excessively and finally they are derived in weight gain.

By way of conclusion we can say that ketogenic tendency It is a topic that has given much to talk about and although as we mentioned throughout this article it has the two extremes of references on its effects on health, there are little long-term sustenance. It’s important to put attention on the US News ratings and government recommendations support eating patterns that they benefit almost everyone (not a few). They also promote those plans that incite a healthy and balanced lifestyle, full of colors and rich in nutrients that are obtained from the perfect balance between all the food groups.


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