The house where Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” was filmed is for sale and this is its price | The State

The house located on Calle Tepeji 22, where Alfonso Cuarón filmed part of the film Rome, is for sale in 15 million pesos (763,425 dollars).

The property located in Colonia Roma Sur in Mexico City has an area of ​​175 square meters of land and 245 square meters of construction, according to information provided by the owners.

Although the owner, Gloria Silvia Monreal, He did not want to provide data on the cost of sale, when he asked the telephone number that appeared in the sale announcement that was the information that was received.

The property has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 parking spaces and 1 1-bedroom apartment at the back of the site.

On Monday, an image was circulated in networks in which a “For Sale” sign appeared on the facade of the house, which has already been withdrawn because the owner already has a formal offer.

However, Monreal has not wanted to give details of the buyer or the capital gain that the property acquired thanks to the Oscar-winning film.

The decision to sell is due to the fact that the owner will change her residence and, she assured, that if the purchase is not completed in the next few days, she will hang the sign again.

Outside, the property has a plaque that certifies the filming of the film starring Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira.

Cuarón made several of the exterior scenes in that place, however, the interiors were made in a residence in Colonia Narvarte.

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