England canceled GCSE and A-level exams due to coronavirus pandemic

Final marks for students will be given by teachers

In England, the GCSE and A-level final exams, which were supposed to pass in the summer, have been canceled, according to The Evening Standard. On January 6, UK Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced this. Teachers will give final marks to schoolchildren.

Wales decided to cancel the GCSE, AS and A-level summer exams back in November 2020. England initially decided to postpone their implementation, but due to a sharp deterioration in the epidemiological situation, the government was forced to abandon its plans, said Gavin Williamson.

He also admitted his mistake last year when tens of thousands of students received low grades. They were set by an algorithm developed by Ofqual. “This year we will trust teachers, not algorithms.”– added the Minister of Education at a meeting of parliament.

Schools and colleges are currently closed until at least mid-February. Pupils and students continue their education remotely. Williamson said the government was reluctant to take this step to the last because of fears that children and adolescents would not be able to catch up with the curriculum.

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