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Which states started paying the extra $ 300 a week in unemployment benefits this week? | The State

Which states started paying the extra $ 300 a week in unemployment benefits this week?

The $ 300 extra payments will begin the week of December 27.


At least 11 states are starting this week to pay the $ 300 extra in weekly unemployment benefits under the stimulus agreement of $ 900,000 million signed in late 2020. NY, California, Arizona, Tennessee and North Carolina They are the states that until Tuesday have sent the extra unemployment benefit to their citizens.

Michele Evermore, a policy analyst for the National Employment Law Project, told Yahoo Money that “most states will be handing out the extra unemployment benefits in mid-January.”

During this first week at least 11 states will implement the extra payment of $ 300 dollars according to the count made by the site

According to a Brookings report, it is estimated that at least 14 million Americans who are unemployed will receive Additional $ 300 per week in Federal Unemployment Compensation for Pandemic (FPUC) for 11 weeks until March 14. Both workers with Unemployment insurance (UI) as well as those who receive the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) will receive the extra payment added to your basic weekly unemployment benefits.

NY began to pay the $ 300 extra dollars to unemployment beneficiaries in all programs, while California It has begun to pay benefits to workers with unemployment insurance (UI) but not yet to unemployed workers who receive PUA and PEUC. About 1.3 million Californians they will receive the extra benefit this week, according to a statement from the California Employment Development Department.

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The extra payments of $ 300 dollars They will not be retroactive and will start from the week of December 27. The weeks following the expiration of the $ 600 extra under the CARES Act and the $ 300 extra under the Assistance for Lost Wages (LWA) are not covered by current legislation. Although the benefits of this program were quickly distributed in 2020 states as Nevada, Virginia and Wisconsin it took them more than two months to implement it.

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