This late snowmobile season makes you impatient

Whether you are new or experienced, the current conditions, which are causing the season to delay, are sure to ruin your life as snowmobilers.

“The current conditions are not very pleasant, as much for the snowmobilers as for the volunteers of the clubs who want to open their trails as quickly as possible. We have no control over nature, explains the general manager of the Federation of Quebec snowmobile clubs, Mr. Stéphane Desroches. But these are situations that have already occurred in the past, as for the 2014-2015 season, when three quarters of Quebec were experiencing a similar situation. For example, let us mention that in the Basses-Laurentides, the season started on January 17. “

If these conditions are rotting the lives of snowmobilers, according to the expert, another important factor comes into play to sharpen the patience of snowmobilers.

“Personally, I think the number one feature this year is COVID. Snowmobilers are tired. They all want to go and try their new machine. We want to go out, change the place if we can put it that way, but unfortunately the temperature is not there. We must remain hopeful because the situation will get back to normal. It takes great cold for a good week so that the waterways and the earth are frozen in some areas, to have a good bottom of the trail. Another 30 to 40 centimeters of snow is needed to successfully create safe trails that are pleasant to navigate. “

If you go to the trail conditions map, you will see very small areas that are open.

“The places where it is open, in Haute-Mauricie, in the upper Lanaudière, in the Hautes-Laurentides and in Abitibi, you have to be very careful. Several natural obstacles, such as very large rocks, are not far under the thin layer of snow. Caution is essential at all times. “

In regions further south, the specialist deplores the behavior of some snowmobilers who circulate without permission on private land. “They are totally endangering the rights of way necessary to give them beautiful trails. “


Contrary to what some people are reporting, there is no danger for the season.

“Unless the government changes, there is nothing to indicate the season is in danger. The clubs are working very hard to prepare the ground and the trails, so that everything is ready when the time comes. Snowmobilers looking at the site and seeing groomers in motion need to understand that this does not mean the trails are open. You really have to go to the trail conditions sites or check with your local club to get the correct information. “

All the elements have been put in place to comply with the sanitary standards established by Public Health. They must be respected.

“Public Health manages the measures based on the number of cases that are recorded every day,” explained Michel Garneau of the FCMQ and editor of the magazine. Snowmobile Quebec. Certainly the more cases there are, the more restrictions there will be. If snowmobilers do not want their hobby to be affected, everyone must take charge and make sure to follow the instructions at all levels. In other words, for example, we must not end up in a shelter with twelve people, without masks. If we can help keep the number of COVID cases as low as possible by meeting the standards, this is how we will have a great snowmobile season. If snowmobilers are reckless and the number of cases increases, the government should be expected to act to prevent an outbreak of cases. “


Contrary to popular belief, because they did not find it immediately, the New Snowmobiler’s Guide is a reality.

“The writing of the guide is finished. It will be online in the next few hours, in PDF format. Fans will therefore be able to access it and discover a wealth of information on the world of snowmobiling. It includes safety instructions, an overview of the activity, accessories, an overview of tourist sites, “explains Michel Garneau. “There will also be references to the obligations of the new law. It is a document that sheds light on the snowmobile world for the neophyte who wants to learn about the snowmobile industry in Quebec. This is a first version. In the near future, the Federation will produce an illustrated explanatory leaflet on the subject. “


  • The season has not really started, as offenders have already been caught by patrol officers from the Federation, in the upper part of the Lanaudière region. They issued 10 reports of 48 hours, as many offenses, in addition to selling five trail rights at a cost of $ 650 each. These outlaws should have bought it before taking that risk because they would only have paid $ 340 for the same right before December 9 and $ 420 after that date.
  • Now more than ever, lakes and streams should be avoided because current conditions make them extremely dangerous. It was not very cold and the heavy rains further increased the risk. You have to wait for the trails marked by club volunteers before venturing onto a frozen surface.

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