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During 2020, the album “After hours” by The Weeknd He was one of the most listened to, but also one of the most talked about, since as he was presenting the videos of his singles he gave something to talk about because of the way he looked in them and in his most recent premiere he was no exception.

Well, Abel Tesfaye, the interpreter’s real name, became a trend in social networks due to the radical change he experienced in his new clip “Save your tears” in which his face is quite disfigured for pretending that he underwent surgeries and show a refined nose, and excess botox.

Although it was only part of the characterization of the type of character that the Canadian has been presenting for said album, which has gone through several situations in different videos, such as being brutally beaten, a beheading, even a resuscitation in the body of another person .

But this made it a worldwide trend, as thousands of users commented on its appearance, even making fun of it.

It should be noted that the popularity that The Weeknd has gained is such that in February of this year it will star in the Super Bowl musical show, the television event par excellence in the United States.

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