Fraudulent electoral maneuvers: the end for the mayor of Saint-Jérôme?

The mayor of Saint-Jérôme has decided not to appeal the verdict of November 30, where he was found guilty of fraudulent electoral practices. The Commission municipale du Québec will therefore initiate the impeachment process.

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Stéphane Maher could also choose to resign from his post by then. The information was confirmed to TVA Nouvelles by former city councilor Mario Fauteux, who complained to the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec after being offered a prestigious position in exchange for his commitment not to run. in the 2017 elections.

Reached by TVA Nouvelles on Tuesday, Fauteux said this was an important chapter in this continuing story.

“Saint-Jérôme is still being talked about for the wrong reasons,” he said. The people of Vision Saint-Jérôme, collaborators of the mayor, believe that they are going to stay and pick up the mess. There is a principle in business that I adhere to: do not ask those who created the problem to find the solution, they will not be able to! “

“Therefore, people of good will who have the interests of Saint-Jérôme at heart must now come together around a coalition to form the next political party that will clean up in order to” fix Saint-Jérôme “, and I intend to participate in the clean-up operation, ”he added.

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