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Chiquis Rivera's attributes were highlighted with an ultra-tight dress | The State

The eldest daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera, again caused a commotion but this time not because of some new scandal regarding his separation from Lorenzo Mendez. The singer will do a cleaning of her closet and everything that she does not use, which must be quite a lot because the artist is a fan of fashion, she will donate it to people who really need it.

All this information was released by the show A new day, where they also published a photo of the spectacular singer wearing an ultra-tight animal print dress that exposed her voluptuous curves and accentuated her little waist.

There’s no doubt Chiquis Rivera It has become all fashion influencer, especially for those “curvy” women who are sorry to wear some clothing for not being thin. She is living proof that a few extra pounds is not reason enough to stop looking fashionable and especially very sexy.

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