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4 infallible tips to cook without sugar and still enjoy

Learn about 4 great ideas for healthy cooking without added sugar, the best way to take care of your health and body weight.

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The actual health and nutrition trend is forceful and invites us to avoid consumption of all kinds of processed foods. In a way the better way to take care of our health, body weight and prevent the onset of chronic diseases, it focuses on the lifestyle and feeding that we follow. That is why every day there is more emphasis on the consequences that certain Feeding Habits and without a doubt one of the most harmful is he high intake of added sugars of modern society.

In such a way that for a long time recognized health organizations worldwide, they alert us to the damage that the excessive consumption of sugar. Every day their devastating effects in various aspects, among which are: damage to oral health, increased appetite, weight gain and a higher rate of obesity, kidney and liver disorders, certain types of cancer, alterations in glucose levels, risk of diabetes and hypertension. Just to mention a few.

Not in vain one of the more faithful medical recommendations lies in the power power, although much of the way is won by avoid the processed and fast foods. It is just as important pay special attention in the quality of the food we consume and monitor how we prepare them. The good news is that the culinary world never ceases to amaze us and puts within our reach easy and accessible alternatives for cook without sugar continue enjoying the delights of life.

4 infallible tips for cooking without sugar:

1. Use real sweet foods

Nothing exists more powerful than natural, that is why when it comes to following a healthy nutrition and focused on weightloss the most important thing is that it be pure and clean. The best of all is that they exist extraordinary food options that are naturally sweet, which gives them great nutritional benefits without being full of false sugars. Bet on the use of natural products such as: the berries, the coconutespecially coconut oil), pears, apples, stone fruits, carrots, prunes and dark chocolate. Very occasionally and on special occasions you can take advantage of to use dates or bananas, remember they are very rich in sugars and calories, so be careful. On the other hand, there are some alternatives that are better to avoid: honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, brown sugar, and pretend are good choices of “Natural sweeteners”. Nutritionists agree that on many occasions they can be worse than the White sugar And in a way they all have the same impact on blood glucose levels.

Red fruits./Photo: Pixabay

2. Get carried away by the power of seasonings

He world of pastry it is immensely versatile and in a way just like in salty cooking, It’s very important season well. For example, maybe you didn’t know but generally salt balances sweetness, so that use less salt it will make things taste sweeter without the need for a lot of sugar. Within the best recommendations at the time of bake cookies and cakes, you will find choose to use unsalted butter and in general any ingredient with salty touches. The only exception to the no salt rule: it’s the chocolate, lsalt masks the sweetness but also bitter flavors like those found in dark chocolate. This is the reason why salty chocolate it may seem sweeter than the same chocolate that eaten without salt.

Unsalted butter. / Photo: Shutterstock

3. Use sweetness “enhancers”

Without a doubt one of the most fascinating aspects of the sweet gastronomy, is that there is a wide range of natural ingredients that not only fill with personality and scents any preparation, enhance its flavor and sweetness. One of my favorite examples is vanilla that has the ability to increase the perception of sweetness without adding real sugarl; bet on investing a little more and use the vanilla beans It brings a touch of the finest and most exceptional! Vanilla extract is also a wonderful alternative, as is cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, star anise and in general certain spices. Add the perception of sweetness and the best of all is that they contribute great medicinal benefits.

Chocolate and cinnamon cake
Chocolate and cinnamon cake./Photo: Pixabay

4. Use natural sweeteners

In some occasions, especially in particular recipes, it is complicated get enough sweetness. If the above mentioned tricks do not solve the situation, it is time to resort to the favorite natural sweetener: pure stevia powder. It is a powerful natural sweetener, which has the genius of come from from the stevia plant and does not contain sugar or carbohydrates. The only thing you should take into account is that it has up to 300 times sweeterr, so adding little is the best recommendation.

Stevia. / Photo: Shutterstock


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