London has a new record for the number of hospitalized with coronavirus

More than 5 thousand people were admitted to hospitals in eight days

The number of hospitalized with coronavirus in London has exceeded the high of the first wave of the pandemic, according to The Evening Standard. As of January 4, there are 6.7 thousand patients with COVID-19 in the capital’s hospitals. At the same time, as specified in the NHS, 5.6 thousand of them were delivered to medical institutions in just eight days.

At the peak of the first wave of the pandemic (April 9, 2020), the number of hospitalized in London was 5.2 thousand people. Doctors in the capital warn of congestion in the healthcare system and are forced to postpone operations not related to the virus. In his speech on the quarantine, Boris Johnson said the NHS is struggling to cope with the continued steady rise in incidence.

Dr. Chaand Nagpole, Chairman of the Board of the British Medical Association (BMA), says: “Hospitals are at their limit, doctors are reporting unbearable stress. The number of hospitalized patients with coronavirus is growing, which is why it is necessary to deal with patients with other diseases on a leftover basis. Vaccinations of health workers need to be accelerated so they can continue to work. “

But despite the growing number of infections, deaths from COVID-19 in the country have dropped significantly compared to April 2020, as doctors gained experience in treating the disease.

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