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Televisa did not think that three of the most recognized celebrities have joined the end of the year celebration that Tv Azteca carried out, since it is said that the executives of the San Ángel television station would have asked that they leave Danna Paola, Alejandra Guzman and Aracely Arambula of any program on the television.

Their participation in the competition was reason enough for the company to close the doors and provoke their discontent, so much so that they prohibited all the programs and their hosts from mentioning any of these artists.

This is how ‘Punto G’, a show column, put it: “With everything and that they have not done projects directly on Televisa for many years, Aracely Arámbula and Alejandra Guzmán unleashed the anger of several heads of San Ángel by appearing in the special of Fin of the Year on TV Azteca, so they sent to ask all commentators to refrain from mentioning them for a few months. You cannot say anything about them or about Danna Paola, who is very old, although she cares very little “.

However, this should not be a concern for any of the three, since each of them maintains important projects on their own and they enjoy great popularity and affection on the part of their fans, who will surely continue to support them in every step they take. during this year.

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