Salma Hayek shows her impressive attributes posing in a bikini at 54 years old | The State

Salma Hayek She has curves that any girl in her twenties could easily envy and she continues to show them off on her Instagram account with some outfits that from time to time draw sighs among her almost 17 million fans.

On this occasion, the actress was surprised by sharing a snapshot in which she appears wearing a brown bikini, with which he exhibited his mini-painting and those impressive attributes that he retains at 54 years of age.

“The most beautiful woman in this world❤️”, is the text that Salma wrote on the postcard that in three hours has managed to collect more than a million red hearts.

Just a few days ago, the Mexican was also seen on a beach to say goodbye to 2020 with another purple swimsuit with which she showed her toned abdomen.

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