Britons living in Spain were denied flight to Madrid

Their documents are invalid after Brexit, the airline said

Seven Britons currently residing in Spain were unable to board a flight to Madrid at Heathrow Airport on 2 January. The Spanish airline Iberia refused to board them, writes The Guardian. The staff at the counter explained this by the fact that the documents of the passengers, confirming the residence permit in Spain, are not valid after the “Brexit”.

In 2020, the governments of the United Kingdom and Spain announced that even after the end of the transition period, citizens of these countries can present their old and new IDs (NIE and TIE respectively). One of the passengers, Max Duncan, tried to explain this to the airline staff, but they were adamant. Due to the forced delay, some passengers have expired the PCR test for coronavirus. They will now have to pay £ 249 again to retest.

Duncan illuminated the situation on his Twitter, after which the British Embassy in Madrid responded to his appeal and again confirmed the information about the validity of both documents. Now more than 300 thousand British citizens live in Spain.

The Guardian reports that a similar incident occurred with passengers traveling to Barcelona.

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