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The event occurred on December 30.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

The United States Border Patrol discovered 150 immigrants who were hiding in a truck in the border city of Laredo, Texas, according to court documents revealed this Sunday by the newspaper “El Nuevo Herald.”

The immigrants, some of whom are originally from Mexico and Venezuelaa, were found on December 30 when the truck in which they were traveling arrived at a checkpoint located on a highway in Texas and border agents stopped it.

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Questioned by a uniformed man, the driver of the heavy vehicle, identified as Joseph Winslow, He assured that he was unaware of the cargo he was transporting, so the agent referred him to a special review.

The scanner revealed certain irregularities, so border agents proceeded to inspect its interior.

It was then that the presence of the immigrants was detected, some of whom declared that they had paid sums of money, in undisclosed amounts, to reach the United States, and they were all arrested, as was the driver.

Winslow indicated that in Laredo they gave him a cell phone and cash and that his final destination was San Antonio, also in Texas, according to the court document.

In the In recent months, the number of undocumented immigrants has increased notably detained at the US border after illegally crossing the dividing line with Mexico.

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In November, the last month with official data, 67,101 immigrants were detained, when in September there were 54,771 and in May the figure rose to 30,836.


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