United States: COVID-19 vaccination turns into marriage proposal

It’s an original marriage proposal that took place in South Dakota, when an American paramedic asked for the hand of her nursing partner during his COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Robbie Vargas-Cortes knew his companion, Eric Vanderlee, would be part of the medical team administering the vaccines at the Sanford Canton-Inwood Medical Center on December 23.

A golden opportunity for the paramedic, who had been waiting for more than three years for the right moment to fulfill the great demand.

“We are approaching the end of the pandemic. The vaccine is a bit like a new chapter, ”he explained in an interview with CNN.

It was while preparing for the vaccine injection that the nurse discovered a band attached with duct tape to her partner’s arm.

Surprised by the situation, Eric Vanderlee took a few seconds to come to his senses before accepting the marriage proposal.

“It was just an amazing moment once I got the hang of it,” he later told US media.

Once engaged, the healthcare worker couple did not forget the primary reason for being in hospital, and Robbie Vargas-Cortes received his vaccine before responding to an emergency call, said CNN.

The marriage proposal did not fail to generate numerous reactions on social media.

“If you like him, you should give him the ring and a shot! Congratulations! ”One user commented on the hospital’s Facebook post to highlight the commitment.

The couple have said they won’t start planning their wedding until the pandemic is over.

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