Jailyne Ojeda visited El Salvador and Honduras to bring help to those most in need, thus ending 2020 | The State

Jailyne ojeda has made his commitment as an influencer clear. The model has become known worldwide for being a woman who exploits her beauty and eroticism on social networks. Like many other celebrities on social networks, she fulfills her commitment by sharing videos and photos of herself, her day-to-day life and the work she does. But she assures that beyond everything she stated, she also has a commitment to those most in need.

Through Instagram and his YouTube channel, he shared how he closed the year 2020, and he did so by helping those most in need in countries such as El Salvador and Honduras. With this he asserted that from now on he will assume this commitment.

So ends 2020. My New Year’s resolution is to help in one way or another to every country I visit from now on. The full video of my trip to El Salvador and Honduras is on my YouTube channel“, Expressed the model.

Here is the video of Jailyne Ojeda on her visit to El Salvador and Honduras. In this he explained that one of his intentions was to teach his brother to value everything he has. The model came to distribute food and toys both in these Central American countries.

The model also took the opportunity to show the beauty of El Salvador, where she lived during her vacations and which led her to visit the famous Lake Coatepeque, where she was received by various media.

In Honduras he also helped a girl named Marina who was born deprived of many comforts, in addition to various physical disabilities, was born without hands and thus also has other health problems. With her, he promised not only to give her food and diapers, but also medicine and has even paid to have a house built for her so she has somewhere to live.


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