Anthea Turner wants to reunite with Dalek she owned but ‘had to rehome’

Anthea Turner has declared her love for last night’s new year special of Doctor Who – and revealed she was once acquainted with the Time Lord’s arch nemesis.

The former Blue Peter presenter, 60, shared a throwback snap of her with a black Dalek.

She told fans she used to own it before having to get rid of it when she got divorced.

Anthea also shared a snap of a can of wood oil spray and a duster next to a laptop showing a picture of Daleks.

The star joked she was using the spray to clean the floor of a Tardis – in reference to the Time Machine Doctor Who uses in the series.

The former Blue Peter shared a throwback snap of her with a black Dalek she used to own

Despite the Dalek’s menacing eyestalk and swivelling ray gun, Anthea is keen to be reunited with it.

Alongside the pic, Anthea wrote: “I’m a ‘Whoie’ and in Dalek HEAVEN – Loved first Ep of new series Daleks everywhere and great to see Captain Jack back  @johnscotbarrowman  – picture is of me and my very own Dalek.

“Sadly when I got divorced didn’t have room so had to get him rehomed, one day we’ll be together again but until then …….. ? Last picture is of me still oiling the Tardis floors”

Anthea also share a snap of a can of wood oil spray, and a laptop with showing a picture of Daleks

The presenter also told how she had a scary encounter with Dr Who’s arch enemy,

Anthea wrote:”PS Once did Royal Variety when on Blue Peter during rehearsals I was in the wings ready to go on didn’t realise there was a Dalek also awaiting his entrance, all of a sudden we met, bang, straight into each other, I was 32 and screamed like a scared child.”

Anthea has been divorced twice.

She split with her DJ husband Peter Powell in 1998 and CEO of Imagine Homes, Grant Bovey in October 2015.

It is not known after which divorce Anthea parted ways with her beloved Dalek.

Despite the Dalek’s menacing eyestalk and swivelling ray gun Anthea longs to be reunited with the menacing alien

The first episode of the hit sci-fi series sees the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) in space jail while her friends Yaz (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (Bradley Walsh) are left behind on Earth desperately trying to find her.

Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) made a return and came face-to-face with the Doctor in her 13th incarnation

The Daleks were up to their old tricks by pretending to be helpful to the human race before turning on Earth’s inhabitants in an attempt to exterminate them all.  

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