Lamar Odom, ex of Khloé Kardashian, accuses Sabrina Parr of hijacking her social networks | The State

Lamar Odom, ex Khloé Kardashian, accuses Sabrina Parr of hijacking her social networks

Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s relationship ended in divorce.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images For AX

In the five years that have passed since Lamar Odom officially separated from Khloé kardashian And suffered an overdose that nearly cost him his life, the former basketball player has adopted a relatively low-key public profile, except for the batch of interviews he gave last year to promote his memoir.

However, now he has made headlines again for the soap opera that he is starring in on social networks with his ex-fiancee Sabrina parr, with whom he put an end to his romantic relationship last November. As the retired athlete has now affirmed, the one who was once his future wife has supposedly ‘hijacked’ his Twitter and Instagram accounts and now he is trying at all costs to change the access passwords again.

“I have been working very hard to build my brand and a new professional team. Unfortunately, my social media platforms are being held hostage by my ex and we are working hard to get my passwords back for IG and Twitter ~ if any of you know someone who can restore it for me, call my brand managers DM as soon as possible, “he revealed in a public statement to denounce the damage that Sabrina would be causing to his career.

Sabrina’s reaction has not been expected. She insists that these accusations are false and are also very disappointing. He also wanted to clarify that he has not collaborated on a professional level with Lamar for a long time, although he refuses to continue giving visibility to this issue by making more comments about it.

“We both know the truth and I assure you that nothing you are saying is true. Now if you forgive me, I will continue with my life in peace and silence, ”she said.


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