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How body temperature can reveal the kind of love you feel for your partner | The State

He love manifests itself in many ways, including temperature bodily. A group of researchers from the University of Granada has managed to determine how the change temperature in the Body can indicate what kind of love we feel for our partner.

However, we must bear in mind that these changes are not noticeable or are imperceptible, as published in Webconsultas. The truth is that this change can say a lot about our relations.

Hormones play an important role

The segregation of dopamine is related, according to the researchers, to the wish generated in the first contacts with partner. This translates into papers differentiated that are perceived in relationships: that of dominant and dominated.

In fact, they have determined that in those who fulfill the role of dominant the temperature of your hands, face, abdomen, and chest increases 2 ºC; while in subordinate people the temperature low.

This power relationship is interchangeable, and the reaction is due to a reply of fight and flight. On the other hand, in the relationships classified as tenderness or intimacy, the scientists noted a more reciprocal because the temperature of the hands and face increases 1ºC. However, the temperature of the abdomen is reduced.

In this stage the hormone that is produced is oxytocin, and its effect makes us have the desire to to protect to our partner.

Body temperature can vary depending on the type of relationship you have. Source: Pixabay

According to the observation of scientists, the passion is the prelude to the tenderness, and already at this stage the sexual activity is reduced and the communication with our partner increases.

Finally, the relationships by social commitment are signed by the interest, either for reasons economic or of another nature. In this type of relationship the predominant hormone is serotonin, associated with mood.

In this kind of relations there are no changes in body temperature. Now there is no confuse these three phases with the sexual attraction, where the predominant hormone is testosterone.

How does the study was realized

The results obtained were thanks to a study carried out with around 60 persons, whose ages range between 24 and 47 years. Tests were performed thermographic. Each participant was in a room completely naked to stabilize Their temperature.

Then they were shown images of their partners or talked to them while variations in body temperature were measurements.

With these results, the researchers they established at least 3 types of love: he empty, whose bases are social interest and commitment; he fatuous love, which is marked by the passion; and the friendship or altruism, where the tenderness.

So, the relationship that count with the 3 factors mentioned above, will be the complete love. And is that one relationship is based on these characteristics: the desire to to protect to the loved one, to spend more weather with her and share common interest.

And of course, our body will experience temperature changes imperceptible to us when we are with that person we love.

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