Finally Nicki Minaj gives details of the “mysterious” birth of her son | The State

The rapper Nicki minaj has almost completely retired from public life since welcoming her first child with her husband Kenneth petty last September, although she has continued to be quite active on social networks to share updates about her private life with all her fans from time to time.

This Wednesday the music star has given details about the circumstances surrounding the arrival of her baby into the world through Twitter during one of those sessions in which he is encouraged to answer questions from his followers. Nicki She has revealed, for example, that her water broke just after getting out of the shower while her husband was trying to give her a back massage.

“As soon as I sat down next to him on the bed, I noticed that liquid started to come out. It’s weird, but I stayed calm and said quietly, ‘Oh my God, I think I’m going into labor.’, has remembered Nicki, who insists that Kenneth he got a lot more nervous than she was.

“I kept laughing at him”, has confessed. “I had to push for two and a half hours because the effect of the first epidural hadn’t worn off long enough for me to notice if I was pushing or not. As soon as I was able to feel the pain again, I got it to come out “, has added.

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