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Why might paper second payment stimulus checks experience delays in delivery?

During the first round of stimulus check payments, the IRS began shipping a week later.

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Starting Tuesday night the Internal rents service (IRS) began sending direct deposits and on Wednesday morning the paper checks of the second stimulus check.

During the first round of payments the IRS began sending the stimulus checks a week later that they processed the money for the people they had in their database.

The Treasury Department may process 5-7 million paper stimulus checks per weekas well as checks for other federal programs, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office it filed in June. This time the IRS began mailing stimulus checks starting this Wednesday, December 30.

The stimulus bill establishes as a limit the January 15 for the IRS to send payments. So anyone who doesn’t get theirs by that date will have to claim early 2021 during tax filing season.

The key is how soon taxes will be filed for 2020 and how quickly the IRS could process your tax return.

These two scenarios are important due to several factors. People who file in February will likely receive their stimulus check money through a Recovery Refund Credit, months before people who will wait until the April 15 deadline or file an extension.

During the first round of stimulus checks there were people who received a payment after June, even some families did not receive their full payment or did not know what they needed to complete an additional procedure, which resulted in more than 12 million eligible people they had not received their payment until November 2020.

It is not clear what could happen if there was a problem during the process or with the Recovery Refund Credit, which would further delay the delivery of the checks.

The IRS will most likely set a different deadline to address clerical errors such as a possible lack of money from the stimulus check.

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Some experts have warned that the delivery of stimulus checks during the first month of the year is not an ideal time to increase the burden on the IRS since it is traditionally the month of preparation for the next tax filing season and because there is less staff than usual due to the end of the year holidays.

The only way the IRS will deliver the second stimulus check in a timely manner will be at the expense of the start of the tax filing season, Chad Hooper, executive director of the Association of Professional Managers that advocates for more than 30,000 workers, told CNN. that they are not unionized before the ISR.

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