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Which Costco Kirkland Brand Products to Avoid

You should consider that some Costco products are simply too large and that you will end up wasting most of them.

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Costco’s Kirkland products have a loyal customer base who always try to buy them when they go to the chain store because of their quality and good price. However, this is not always the case, and below we tell you which items from this brand you should avoid at all costs.


The 3-pound cans of Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian coffee, which are sold for $ 10.99, might seem like a good deal, but it isn’t so when you consider how long their good quality will last, as reported in Money. Talks News.

The fact is that surely you will not be able to finish the entire can of coffee before its maximum point of freshness disappears. Instead, there are smaller cans sold in supermarkets that come out at the same price per ounce.


Liquor critics say Kirkland Signature tequila has an unnatural sweetness that makes it appear as if the liquor did not come directly from an agave field or distillation process. So if you want a more authentic flavor, maybe you should consider purchasing a bottle from another brand.


The problem with milk is quite similar to that of coffee. The gallons get so big that you probably won’t finish them before the milk spoils..

Depending on the size of your family and their level of milk consumption, it may be better for you to buy small containers, which would also be at a much lower price.

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